The annual report 2007 of the HfG Offenbach (The Offenbach University of Art and Design) Process shows the technical and printing process of the creation of the book itself.
Art Direction: Marc Schütz.

Art Directors Club Germany 2008
Red Dot Award 2008
Type Directors Club (TDC) of New York 2008
Made for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the poster 1989 which is showing the Berlin Wall gets stuck over doors. Once these doors are opened the poster get torn apart. The numbers 1, 9, 8 and 9 fall out to be reminiscent of the historical date everytime the door is closed again.
The annual report 2009 of the HfG Offenbach (The Offenbach University of Art and Design) Flow may be regarded as a logical continuation of the annual report 2007 Process. Instead showing the technical process behind this publication it demonstrates the design process: The grid and typeface changes throughout the book until the final layout is found.
EMI Music approached us to elaborate a concept based on BePartOf for Coldplay`s Mylo Xyloto world tour and album promotion. The fans are presented with a selection of custom designed graffiti walls to draw on. Design of each wall is inspired and accompanied by a specific album track.
Poster for the annual event Musik für Stummfilme (Music for Silent Films) of the hFMA network:
Students of the HfG Offenbach (The Offenbach University of Art and Design) gave their short films without any soundtrack to students of the HfMDK Frankfurt (Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts) who composed a musical score.
Lines of a staff overlay the lettering, representing the musical reinterpretation of the original sound of the showed short films.
Poster series for the lecture series Vorbilder/Nachbilder dealing with the aspect of role models and inspirations in the work of an artist. Each poster consists of two parts (the inspiration and the intepretation) and is readable only when both are combined.

100 Best Posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2012
German Design Award 2014 Nominee
The participatory art project BePartOf is an iPad App and an exhibition installation. It lets people from all over the world draw together on an infinite canvas presented at the exhibition and interact with the local audience:
The visitors are tracked: line colors grow more vibrant with an increasing number of spectators. Their reaction can be seen in a live video stream in the application.
Exhibited at the ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (Center for Art an Media Karlsruhe) in the exhibition Car Culture. Media of Mobility with Olafur Eliasson, Tobias Rehberger, Andy Warhol, Erwin Wurm and more.
Spatially distorted poster for the seminars Anordnungskünste (The Art of Arrangement). The viewer is forced to position himself in a certain point to reveal the content.
Poster of the exhibition XI/13 by the artist Lena Ditlmann at 1822 Forum Frankfurter Sparkasse. The artist shows historical photographies and notes by an unknown person who traveled in the year 1933 to the former battle fields of the First World War in France. Just as the memories of the events, the images are blackened out with black rectangles which are used as the key element of the design of the poster and flyer.
The 14th issue of the sushi magazine is all about »Haltung« (German for »attitude« but also »position«).
The layout of sushi 14 rotates 360 degrees. The reader literally has to adjust his point of view to read the articles with the different perspectives on the topic from Erik Kessels, Niklaus Troxler, Vier5, Aram Bartholl, Julius von Bismarck and more.
Published annually by the Art Directors Club Germany.

iF communication design award 2014
Red Dot Best of the Best 2013
Berliner Type 2013
German Design Award 2014 Nominee
Graphic identity for the B3 Biennale des bewegten Bildes (Moving Image Biennial) in Frankfurt/Main.
The still image creates the illusion of being animated through the use of pulsating imagery.
With Klaus Hesse.

Red Dot 2013
Art Directors Club Germany Silver 2013
European Design Award Silver 2013
100 Best Posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2012
Graphic identity and exhibition design for the On Stage photography exhibition in Frankfurt/Main and Cologne. Featuring over 120 on stage photographies of musicians, accompanied by an QR code to stream the music by the shown artist. In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and Spotify.


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Nikolas Brückmann
Yuriy Matveev


Design & Programming

Nikolas Brückmann & Yuriy Matveev


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